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Who We Are

Talita Miná

Events Planning and Decorations Director

Passionate about delicate flowers and each small detail of a beautiful wedding. She simply loves that moment when the eyes of the groom meet the beautiful and charming bride, while everything around them is in perfect harmony. Loves to dedicates her time and passion for each couple that chooses TWO Events to be part of this special journey. Talita has a Bachelor Degree in Business, a Post Grad Diploma in Marketing, 5 years of experience with Events in
Brazil, is WPIC Certified, and is pursuing her certificate in Interior Decorating in Toronto. "I strongly believe that my business and marketing skills guided me to pursue my love for that high energy and thrill about working with events, is all about that moment, making it last forever". - Talita Miná

Once a BRIDE, a WIFE and today a MOM!

A Little Bit About Us...

The idea for TWO Events & DECORATIONS started from 2 friends that dreamed about working with weddings, flowers, colours and others dreams as well... Two friends with completely different backgrounds. One was a teacher, the other, a lawyer, one has taken over the world with planning, teaching dance, producing, running business and moving to another country, the other has taken part in a career towards fashion. When life finally brought us together, a common passion made TWO Events become a reality.

We are passionate about creativity, about celebrating, planning and about making ideas and dreams come true. We love textures, we love colours and we love playing with them, combining them, using them to transform design into reality down to every little detail. That’s why we decided to start a business together and become TWO. "Because once we were done with a few of our dreams, we knew how meaningful it would feel to be a part of yours". - Talita and Barbara

Barbara got pregnant with twins and couldn't move forward with the fast paced wedding business, so Talita took over and kept all their passion for this business alive. Today they are both busy moms, no longer business partners but forever friends and supporters of each others dreams.

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